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Out of focus view of the Ciderhouse barn framed by branches of an apple tree

what to expect

Our top priority is keeping our staff, volunteers and of course you, safe and healthy when visiting the Ciderhouse. We have policies and procedures from hand sanitiser stations, increased sanitising procedures and physical distancing practice. We never expected we would be launching the Ciderhouse under these circumstances, but we cant wait welcome you to the Tasting Room.

The Tasting Room

The tasting room is located sits in the middle of The Barn, where the cider making action takes place. On ether side are the working part of the Ciderhouse from the colds storage where the apples go straight after picking and the carbonation happens to the lab where the process from apple juice to cider is monitored cared for.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday12PM - 6PM
Sat11AM - 7PM


5155 Samuel Road, Duncan,

British Columbia

V9L 6Y1