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The first cider was made here at Affinity farms 3 years ago, back then this was just a fun side project.

You don’t need to look very hard to find apple trees in the estuary, and it’s in that observation that the idea for Affinity Ciderhouse first took root. Affinity has been home to many types of agriculture over the years, and plenty of other ventures besides. It was the permaculture and market gardening that brought Kieran to The Valley. Together, he and Tanner began thinking of ways to add value to these old and overgrown apple trees throughout the area, and from there it wasn’t long before the first carboys of cider were bubbling away.

As the cidery has been slowly taking shape and overcoming obstacles, through regulatory hurdles and global pandemics, more and more trees have been added to our distributed orchard. Each year we hope to grow this network and build connections with the people responsible for nurturing these trees. It’s not easy to produce an eating apple of the grade expected by customers, but cider is much more forgiving. It’s Affinity’s goal to provide value to those otherwise overlooked apples and pears.

the Crew

Through the highs and lows, rain (lots of it) and sun, the Affinity crew’s passion and dedication is what brings you Affinity Ciderhouse today.