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Valley To Bottle

As the apple trees draw up nutrients from the rich soils of the Cowichan Valley, we draw inspiration for the finished cider from the same place. Our philosophy that locally sourced fruit should inform the character of the cider lead to the complexity of flavours and aromas you find in each of our ciders.

Natures Process

The long wait

As the first leaves begin to change we know that fall is on its way and soon the apple harvest will be here. For weeks we monitor the sugar levels in the apples, until they reach perfection. It’s then all hands on deck, as each apple is picked by hand. For us fall means long days, early mornings and apples. 

The many unidentified and wild apples, pears and quince, are pressed in our …press … We blend these to achieve the perfect balance of sugar and acidity. The long wait then begins, as the wild yeast sets to work over the winter, transforming the apple juice into cider.


Finishing Touches

Each small batch of cider takes on a unique character, from the different blends of apples gathered in the fall to the wild yeast that took hold. We guide the process but nature’s hand is what makes our ciders truly unique.  As spring sets in so does the tasting and testing of the cider, this guides our decision as to leave the cider as a pure expression of apples, or pair it with other local fruit for a combination greater than the sum of its parts.

Bottle of Blackberry Dessert Wine in 375 ml

Dessert Wine

A Sweet counterpart to the ciders (though not syrupy-sweet), this fortified blackberry wine has notes of cassis, dates, caramelized sugar and of course the plump blackberries handpicked from the lowlands of the Cowichan Valley.

A blend of two batches, differently aged, give the wine a depth and complexity not often expected of the humble blackberry. Excellent on it’s own, or paired with dark chocolate.